About Being Dutch

Welcome to the Being Dutch website, which has been launched in 2021. I’m a Dutch national who lived abroad for more than 25 years in France, Canada and United Kingdom.

During my time abroad I started the NIHB Facebook group – Nederlanders in het buitenland (Dutch abroad), which has almost 20.000 members worldwide. The website www.nihb.nl was created to support this online community and to share information. The NIHB has initiated the founding of Stichting GOED (Grenzeloos Onder Een Dak), a non-profit organisation, to give a voice to the more than a million Dutch living worldwide and to improve the services and information from the Dutch government.

Since the start of 2021 I have returned to The Netherlands. With Being Dutch I would like to share information on Dutch culture and traditions but also news in general, with whoever is interested in my little country. 

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Do you know any fun facts about The Netherlands or do you have a story to tell about The Netherlands or being Dutch? Give me a shout! Or rather send me an e-mail.