You know you’re Dutch when

  1. You (could) have been born at home
  2. You’re called rude, when in fact you just want to be honest
  3. You have an open mind, yet you are, very opinionated
  4. You wear red trousers and don’t feel embarrassed
  5. You have an insane passion for the colour orange
  6. You are not really a big fan of the Royal family, but love Kingsday
  7. You eat warm snacks out of a wall
  8. You understand German a lot better than that you’re likely to admit
  9. You’ve been on a camping holiday, stocked up with bread and potatoes
  10. You don’t queue, but rather push your way to the front
  11. You like peanut butter and mayonaise, but only from Calve
  12. You have a birthday calendar hanging in your toilet
  13. You use the word ‘gezellig’ a lot, but can’t really translate it
  14. You can ride a bicycle with an umbrella, two shopping bags, two children, but do need a helmet
  15. You know what AH, V&D, DE, VOC, KPN and NS stands for
  16. You have a utensil in the kitchen to slice cheese
  17. You’re putting strange things on your slice of bread, like hagelslag
  18. You love licorice and herring
  19. You eat warm snack out of a wall
  20. You’re losing your mind, when the canals are freezing

Of course there’s lots more ‘You know you’re Dutch when‘. What’s your take on it? Tell us in the comments below.